The Biggest Lies In The Tattoo Removal Industry

We spoke to Allie Moss out tattoo removal expert about the five most common myths currently circulating in the tattoo removal industry. We set the record straight and break these dirty and smudgy and distinctly colorful Ness.


  1. Q Switch can remove colourful tattoos. Incorrect.

Traditionally used lasers for tattoo removal such as q switch Ng:yag do not remove all colours in fact cause scarring if used for the wrong colours on the wrong skin.

In fact, yellow and red spectrum of ink can only be effectively removed by the newest wave length addition for PicoSure.


2. Three sessions should be enough to remove tattoos. Incorrect.

Incorrect, although PicoSure tattoo removal is renowned to require half the amount of tattoo removal sessions then traditional Q Switch lasers, it still requires 6 to 8 sessions six weeks apart to remove colour.


 3. Dark skin types can’t have laser:  Incorrect.

Although For IPL and some treatments dark skin can increase risk of laser complications – PicoSure technology is suitable and safe for all skin types.


4. Tattoo removal hurts more than getting a tattoo. Incorrect.

If performed under medical supervision one has the option for high strength compounded anaesthetic creams, laughing gas or local anaesthetic injections. Most patients however do not require any particular analgesia and ice applied applied after the treatment is sufficient.


5. Pawpaw cream or Bepanthen is safe to apply after tattoo removal. Incorrect.

These ointments tend to keep the heat trapped  reducing  heat dispersion and therefore can promote pain. We usually recommend immediately after tattoo removal for a cooling type gel such as flamigel.


 6. So called light or non-permanent tattoo remove easily. Incorrect.

These tattoos still have dermal ink and this means regardless of amount it still needs to be removed.


  7. White ink can be removed. Incorrect.

White ink unfortunately doesn’t have any pigment to be removed and therefore cannot be removed by any of the current laser technology on the market.


Dr. Ink Tattoo Removal uses PicoSure technology for their tattoo removal. PicoSure lasers are an unprecedented innovation in laser technology. Our consultations are always free, we will be able to give you an honest and accurate evaluation on what to expect and the costs involved to remove your tattoo. 

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