Terrible celebrity tattoos and awesome cover ups

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself and memorialize important people and times in your life. However, you wont always love them after that chapter of your life has closed and you have moved on. People change and so do our hobbies and interests – and that’s okay. Whether you want one removed or you just want a cover-up, Dr Ink has you covered.

What we have learned at Dr Ink is that tattoos don’t have to be forever. To prove that everyone makes mistakes and how easy it is to fix them, here are eight celebrities with tattoos who have changed or completely removed them over the years.

  1. Angelina JolieThe queen of beauty herself was very creative with her tattoo cover-up. Angelina added the words “Billy Bob” to an existing dragon tattoo, but had the entire thing removed after the two broke up. She then had it replaced with the coordinates for the birthplaces of each of her seven children.
  2. Rihannarihanna_shutterstock_185454266The singer made the best of a really bad situation post breakup with fellow singer, Chris Brown. She cleverly added more stars to the existing group of stars she and Chris got together as a couple. Obviously, she no longer wanted to have matching ink with her former lover, and now it looks even better than before.
  3. Kaley Cuocokaley-cuocoThe Big Bang Theory star decided to cover-up her ‘2013’ wedding-date after splitting with husband, Ryan Sweeting at the beginning of this year. She replaced the roman numerals with a large moth design that takes up her entire upper back.
  4. Megan FoxThe brunette actress recently removed her Marilyn Monroe tattoo because she no longer wanted to ‘attract negative energy into her life’. According to sources, she was extremely pleased with the results of the removal and will remove two more very soon.
  5. 50 Cent50cent-min50 Cent’s whole body was covered with tattoos during the peak of his career. However, he had them removed after he began acting because it took so long for the makeup artists to cover them up before going on screen.
  6. Keith Urbankeithurban_shutterstock_87580429When Keith urban and ex-girlfriend, Niki Taylor we’re together, they boasted matching tattoos that said ‘love conquers all’ in Latin. Apparently their love didn’t conquer all because they broke up shortly after. Keith covered the tattoo with flames out of respect for Nicole Kidman after they started dating.
  7. Johnny Deepjohnnydepp_www-news-com-auPotentially one of the most infamous cover-ups, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor humorously transformed his “Winona Forever” tattoo into “Wino Forever” after their 1993 breakup.
  8. Eva Longoriaeva-longoria_shutterstock_105074552When Eva divorced ex-husband, Tony Parker, she had three tattoos in his honour: his jersey number on her neck, his initials in an ‘intimate’ location and their wedding date on her wrist. She’s since been spotted in tattoo removal clinics, and it’s reported that her skin is looking better than new.

If celebrities can right their wrongs, why can’t you? Call Dr Ink on 1800 377 465 to book your free consultation with our medical professionals and get started today.