Why Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal Technology?

A state-of-the-art treatment delivering fantastic results. Dr. Ink provide highly-efficient Pico laser tattoo removal for our clients in Sydney and Wollongong. To ensure optimal outcomes for all of our clients, Dr Ink Tattoo Removal uses PicoSure. A revolutionary approach, the PicoSure system is the first picosecond laser available for tattoo removal, providing long-lasting results for pieces of every size and composition with minimal downtime.

Our treatment is cost-effective and minimises lasting injury to the treated skin. PicoSure is the latest tattoo removal technology available on the market, and utilises picosecond pulses to the skin to turn the tattoo into tiny dust particles easily eliminated from the body. The skin is left looking clean and healthy after treatment.

Put yourself in the right pair of hands

Our resident specialist, Dr. Tobias Pincock is one of Australia’s leading laser medicine doctors. He is highly-trained and is one of the few doctors in the country to be included in the criteria for admission to the International Federation of Facial Plastic Societies and Vice Presidency of the Australasian Academy of Facial Plastics. This proves his continued commitment and dedication to the field and his wealth of knowledge and experience.

He worked in United States, taking part in the gangland laser program which helped many gang members in the country start new lives through the removal of gang-related tattoos. He has worked extensively in providing removal for disfiguring beauty tattoos, homemade, road injury tattoos such as gravel tattoo, ink bleed tattoos, and helping candidates for US military and police by removing facial, neck, and scalp tattoos.

Pincock is a keen admirer of body art and holds the belief that laser tattoo removal/fading is important in enhancing or altering a body tattoo that might hold sentimental value for the client, and therefore need some reworking.

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