Hypopigmentation (not scarring) following Laser Tattoo Removal

Many patients are referred to us post laser treatments with complications or concerns about scarring. Our doctors and surgeons are familiar with ink complications and specialise in laser complications.

The complication of scarring is everyone’s worst fear with tattoo removal especially if you have received treatments from older lasers with inappropriate settings and with an inexperienced technician. Burns, scarring and pigmentation changes are the commonest concerns.

Now that there are many more tattoos nearing their removal completion we are seeing more problems surface.

It’s also important that tattoo complications are reviewed by doctors experienced in skin and lasers. Also, it is important that misdiagnosis of scarring is not made because it might just be transient hypopigmentation.

What is transient hypopigmentation?

Hypopigmentation occurs because the pigment (melanin) has been removed via the same mechanism as the tattoo ink itself. However, once the tattoo is gone and treatments are discontinued, the cells that make melanin are usually able to re-pigment the affected skin. Unfortunately, the repigmentation process can take months, and in some cases years, depending on skin type, the number of treatments received, type of laser used and other factors and there is no great way to predict return.

Magnification with dermatoscopy can assist doctors tell the difference and a quick obvious trick is to look for any fine villous hairs which are never present with scarring.

Often doctors can prescribe creams and other treatments to speed up the process once the ink is gone.

If really bothersome it is can be camouflaged with semi-permanent flesh-tone tattoo inks.


Picosure laser tattoo removal doesn’t scar
Fortunately, the PicoSure laser pulses so quickly (picosecond = trillionth of a second) that it is considered extremely gentle on the skin is unlikely to cause an injury that would result in scar formation even if hypopigmentation is present.

At Dr Ink Tattoo Removal we use picosure technology and have yellow and red spectrum Removal capability.

If you would like to discuss tattoo removal options or have already decided you want your ink safely and completely removed by the most experienced PicoSure laser provider then call 1800 DRS INK in Bella Vista.


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