How to care for your tattoo removal while on holiday

With the weather warming up and Christmas getting closer, people will soon start going on holiday. Holidays are great fun, but they don’t mean you should stop caring for your skin post or pre tattoo removal. In fact, there are additional measures you should take to make sure your skin’s progress continues as smoothly as possible.

1. Stay out of the sun

You should avoid the sun for at least four weeks before and after the tattoo removal process, as exposure to UV radiation increases the production of melanin and vitamin D in our bodies. Too much of these things can damage the appearance and effectiveness of our skin and make them less receptive to treatment. Going on holiday and staying out of the sun can be difficult, so make sure to wear as much protective clothing and sunscreen if unavoidable.

2. Increase fluid intake

Because people are known to indulge on junk food and alcohol while on holiday, it’s even more important to drink as much water as you can. Water helps flush out toxins and bacteria that your new skin may be exposed to. It also makes treatments more effective, as ink has been proven to leave your body at a quicker rate.

3. Avoid fake tan

Everyone loves looking their best on holiday, but tans aren’t recommended when it comes to tattoo removal. You should avoid fake tanning for at least 10 days before treatment to achieve the most positive results. Once the skin has absorbed toxins and chemicals, negative results become more likely. Some fake tans also contain activators that react with laser treatment and lead to skin pigmentation.

Stay active

The more you move, the faster your body will remove the ink from your skin. For the first day after your treatment, you should rest and take it easy. However, soon you will need to get your blood flowing again. Go for a hike, a bike ride or just do something that fits your holiday vibe.

Avoid the swimming pool

Avoid swimming in chlorine for at least one week after treatment to avoid secondary infection. Your new skin is very fragile at the moment and should not be exposed to the bacteria found in chlorine.

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