Does Laser Tattoo removal hurt?

Everybody experiences pain differently, it is impossible to quantify the pain before we actually start the procedure.  What is a universal truth though is that the same patient will experience dramatically less pain with the PicoSure compared to older technology lasers.

We use Cold packs to chill the skin, numbing the nerve endings and decreasing sensation including pain.  Imagine when you hold an ice cold drink in your hand…only colder.

Unlike other places we are a medically supervised tattoo removal clinic which a range of compounded high strength anaesthetic creams.  We have far more options then other places.  We want you to be comfortable for this and looking forward to coming back, not dreading it.

How much does it cost?

The Simple fact is that each session with the Picosure will cost more than the traditional nanosecond and Q-Switched lasers. The advantage with Picosure is that the number sessions needed is more than halved inevitably saving you both time and money. Some tattoos have been removed in as little 3-4 sessions compared to 20 and no sign of completion with some of the other lasers.

The number of sessions required depends on several factors including skin tone, and tattoo size, location and type.  The evidence is clear; you will need half the number of treatments compared to traditional nanosecond lasers, if not less.

It is important to remember that while the short term costs might seem significant the amount saved in time, hassle and risk is unmeasurable.

So why not Q-switched Nano second Lasers?

PicoSure is simply better. The Q-Switch and other Nanosecond laser were the gold Standard for many years. Like the old reliable Nokia Phones they have been left behind by the new smart phones. Technology is changing and so are Lasers. PicoSure is the latest product on the market and the best. PicoSure achieves results previously unobtainable with fewer visits. Now, unlike the new smart phone operating systems, this product has been tried and test for several years in the United States, meaning that all the bugs have been ironed out and any issues identified and fixed. This Machine has dramatically reduces the risks of burns, scarring and pain.

How long will it take? How long between sessions?

Tattoo removal relies upon the body’s own immune system to clear the ink away once it has been shattered by the laser. For best results we recommend 6-8 weeks between treatments. So while every case differs, based on this we can have an estimate on the amount of time it will take to remove the tattoo. Some tattoos have been removed in as little as 2 sessions. The number of sessions required depends on several factors including skin tone and tattoo size, location and type.

The body’s immune system clears it? Then why has the tattoo not been cleared away already?

This is because of the way the ink is sitting just under the skin. Currently the particles are too large and the body has no way of dealing with it, hence being forever.

Thanks to PicoSures patented pressure wave technology these large particle can be blasted in much smaller “dust” like particles that can be easily cleaned up by the immune system. Unlike Nano second technology that relies on heat to burst the particles in to smaller “pebbles” that are not effectively cleaned away having to be treated multiple time to possibly achieve a similar outcome.

What about Facial Tattoos?

Sydney’s premier facial plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Dr Tobias Pincock has a professional interest in laser tattoo removal and is directly involved with the Dr Ink. He will be available for all facial tattoo consultations. But don’t worry it is still a free consultation!

What Else Does Dr Ink Do?

Our Dr Ink specialists only use PicoSure Lasers, making them the best at what they do. Our sister clinic, The Taylor Clinic offers a wide range of other services including other laser treatments, anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. Because of our close relationship with them we have several offers that giving our patients access to other treatments for a single easy monthly fee. In some case these packages may be cheaper and more economical even if you have no intention of using the other services.

The Diamond Package gives you access to IPL Merge, Icon’s Max-G, Fractionated 1540, Erbium, Chemical Peels, Max R Hair Removal and of course PicoSure laser tattoo removal. This is for only $400 per months on a 12th month contract. Please check out under their packages as these may be a cheaper option for your tattoo removal.

What if I have concerns in regards to my treatments?

This is a very important question, one that should be considered when looking to do any sort of treatment.

Our staff can be contacted at any time to address any concerns that you might have. We have access to one of Sydney leading Facial Plastic Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Tobias Pincock and Cosmetic Physician Dr Susan Bekir. The Director of Clinical Services is a registered nurse with background in cosmetic surgery and has experience with both cosmetic and non-cosmetic lasers in and medical and surgical background. We guarantee immediate access for post care complications. This means that Dr Ink is Australia’s leading Laser tattoo removalist! We want this to be more than just a cheap cure to your tattoo regret. Our mission statement is “Ethical, Education, Efficiency & Excellence” we are the best and we want you to make us work hard to prove it!


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