Dr Ink is coming to Wollongong

Dr Ink is Australia’s leading tattoo removal clinic. Tattoos are no longer an outdated permanent mistake and we specialise in complete removal or we can lighten tattoos for modifications.

Our Clinics uses PicoSure technology which is the fastest, safest and most efficient tattoo removal system in the world. Moreover, we can effectively remove ALL colours including yellow.



Why use Dr Ink?

  • We use PicoSure technology which is 100 x faster and more effective that traditional Q-switched lasers. Most patients require half the treatments compared with outdated competitors lasers. Tattoo removal can be achieved in 6-8 sessions, compared with 20+.
  • Newer technology has drastically reduced the risk of burns and scarring.
  • Our technicians are laser trained and supervised by Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Doctors.


Before you commence any treatments or if you are unhappy with your current progress of you tattoo removal, then contact us for a FREE consultation.

1800 DRS INK for further information.

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