Hypopigmentation (not scarring) following Laser Tattoo Removal

Many patients are referred to us post laser treatments with complications or concerns about scarring. Our doctors and surgeons are familiar with ink complications and specialise in laser complications.

The complication of scarring is everyone’s worst fear with tattoo removal especially if you have received treatments from older lasers with inappropriate settings and with an inexperienced technician. Burns, scarring and pigmentation changes are the commonest concerns.

Now that there are many more tattoos nearing their removal completion we are seeing more problems surface.

It’s also important that tattoo complications are reviewed by doctors experienced in skin and lasers. Also, it is important that misdiagnosis of scarring is not made because it might just be transient hypopigmentation.

What is transient hypopigmentation?

Hypopigmentation occurs because the pigment (melanin) has been removed via the same mechanism as the tattoo ink itself. However, once the tattoo is gone and treatments are discontinued, the cells that make melanin are usually able to re-pigment the affected skin. Unfortunately, the repigmentation process can take months, and in some cases years, depending on skin type, the number of treatments received, type of laser used and other factors and there is no great way to predict return.

Magnification with dermatoscopy can assist doctors tell the difference and a quick obvious trick is to look for any fine villous hairs which are never present with scarring.

Often doctors can prescribe creams and other treatments to speed up the process once the ink is gone.

If really bothersome it is can be camouflaged with semi-permanent flesh-tone tattoo inks.


Picosure laser tattoo removal doesn’t scar
Fortunately, the PicoSure laser pulses so quickly (picosecond = trillionth of a second) that it is considered extremely gentle on the skin is unlikely to cause an injury that would result in scar formation even if hypopigmentation is present.

At Dr Ink Tattoo Removal we use picosure technology and have yellow and red spectrum Removal capability.

If you would like to discuss tattoo removal options or have already decided you want your ink safely and completely removed by the most experienced PicoSure laser provider then call 1800 DRS INK in Bella Vista.


Dr Ink Tattoo Removal is a Sydney based laser tattoo removal clinic, using PicoSure technology. Our experienced technicians work under the supervision of doctors and plastic surgeons and are certified laser practitioners.

Race into Dr Ink to claim your $100 Tattoo Removal Gift Voucher


Race to Dr Ink to claim your $100 Tattoo Removal Gift Voucher.

Remove coloured (including red and yellow) and black & white tattoos in fewer sessions!

At Dr Ink Tattoo Removal, we use PicoSure technology for tattoo removal. PicoSure lasers are an unprecedented innovation in laser technology. It is at present the fastest and most effective aesthetic laser, removing 100x faster and more effectively than traditional Q-Switch laser.

At Dr Ink Tattoo Removal you are in SAFE hands:

  • Professional tattoo removal using PicoSure technology
  • Supervised by facial plastic surgeons and doctors
  • Removal of coloured tattoo, including red and yellow, in fewer visits
  • Multiple anesthetic options available
  • Tattoo modifications: lighten for cover ups


Call us today on 1800 377 465 to claim your voucher and a complimentary consultation.

Our tattoo removal technicians are supervised by cosmetic medical doctors and are highly trained clinicians in only tattoo removal. Our accredited clinicians are certified laser practitioners.

Our consultations are always free, we will be able to give you an honest and accurate evaluation on what to expect and the costs involved to remove your tattoo.


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How to care for your tattoo removal while on holiday

With the weather warming up and Christmas getting closer, people will soon start going on holiday. Holidays are great fun, but they don’t mean you should stop caring for your skin post or pre tattoo removal. In fact, there are additional measures you should take to make sure your skin’s progress continues as smoothly as possible.

1. Stay out of the sun

You should avoid the sun for at least four weeks before and after the tattoo removal process, as exposure to UV radiation increases the production of melanin and vitamin D in our bodies. Too much of these things can damage the appearance and effectiveness of our skin and make them less receptive to treatment. Going on holiday and staying out of the sun can be difficult, so make sure to wear as much protective clothing and sunscreen if unavoidable.

2. Increase fluid intake

Because people are known to indulge on junk food and alcohol while on holiday, it’s even more important to drink as much water as you can. Water helps flush out toxins and bacteria that your new skin may be exposed to. It also makes treatments more effective, as ink has been proven to leave your body at a quicker rate.

3. Avoid fake tan

Everyone loves looking their best on holiday, but tans aren’t recommended when it comes to tattoo removal. You should avoid fake tanning for at least 10 days before treatment to achieve the most positive results. Once the skin has absorbed toxins and chemicals, negative results become more likely. Some fake tans also contain activators that react with laser treatment and lead to skin pigmentation.

Stay active

The more you move, the faster your body will remove the ink from your skin. For the first day after your treatment, you should rest and take it easy. However, soon you will need to get your blood flowing again. Go for a hike, a bike ride or just do something that fits your holiday vibe.

Avoid the swimming pool

Avoid swimming in chlorine for at least one week after treatment to avoid secondary infection. Your new skin is very fragile at the moment and should not be exposed to the bacteria found in chlorine.

For your free consultation on tattoo removal, contact us at Dr Ink on 1800 377 465. We provide the highest quality and most innovative procedures.


The Biggest Lies In The Tattoo Removal Industry

We spoke to Allie Moss out tattoo removal expert about the five most common myths currently circulating in the tattoo removal industry. We set the record straight and break these dirty and smudgy and distinctly colorful Ness.


  1. Q Switch can remove colourful tattoos. Incorrect.

Traditionally used lasers for tattoo removal such as q switch Ng:yag do not remove all colours in fact cause scarring if used for the wrong colours on the wrong skin.

In fact, yellow and red spectrum of ink can only be effectively removed by the newest wave length addition for PicoSure.


2. Three sessions should be enough to remove tattoos. Incorrect.

Incorrect, although PicoSure tattoo removal is renowned to require half the amount of tattoo removal sessions then traditional Q Switch lasers, it still requires 6 to 8 sessions six weeks apart to remove colour.


 3. Dark skin types can’t have laser:  Incorrect.

Although For IPL and some treatments dark skin can increase risk of laser complications – PicoSure technology is suitable and safe for all skin types.


4. Tattoo removal hurts more than getting a tattoo. Incorrect.

If performed under medical supervision one has the option for high strength compounded anaesthetic creams, laughing gas or local anaesthetic injections. Most patients however do not require any particular analgesia and ice applied applied after the treatment is sufficient.


5. Pawpaw cream or Bepanthen is safe to apply after tattoo removal. Incorrect.

These ointments tend to keep the heat trapped  reducing  heat dispersion and therefore can promote pain. We usually recommend immediately after tattoo removal for a cooling type gel such as flamigel.


 6. So called light or non-permanent tattoo remove easily. Incorrect.

These tattoos still have dermal ink and this means regardless of amount it still needs to be removed.


  7. White ink can be removed. Incorrect.

White ink unfortunately doesn’t have any pigment to be removed and therefore cannot be removed by any of the current laser technology on the market.


Dr. Ink Tattoo Removal uses PicoSure technology for their tattoo removal. PicoSure lasers are an unprecedented innovation in laser technology. Our consultations are always free, we will be able to give you an honest and accurate evaluation on what to expect and the costs involved to remove your tattoo. 

Call us on 1800 377 465 to book your consultation.

Angelina Jolie

Terrible celebrity tattoos and awesome cover ups

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself and memorialize important people and times in your life. However, you wont always love them after that chapter of your life has closed and you have moved on. People change and so do our hobbies and interests – and that’s okay. Whether you want one removed or you just want a cover-up, Dr Ink has you covered.

What we have learned at Dr Ink is that tattoos don’t have to be forever. To prove that everyone makes mistakes and how easy it is to fix them, here are eight celebrities with tattoos who have changed or completely removed them over the years.

  1. Angelina JolieThe queen of beauty herself was very creative with her tattoo cover-up. Angelina added the words “Billy Bob” to an existing dragon tattoo, but had the entire thing removed after the two broke up. She then had it replaced with the coordinates for the birthplaces of each of her seven children.
  2. Rihannarihanna_shutterstock_185454266The singer made the best of a really bad situation post breakup with fellow singer, Chris Brown. She cleverly added more stars to the existing group of stars she and Chris got together as a couple. Obviously, she no longer wanted to have matching ink with her former lover, and now it looks even better than before.
  3. Kaley Cuocokaley-cuocoThe Big Bang Theory star decided to cover-up her ‘2013’ wedding-date after splitting with husband, Ryan Sweeting at the beginning of this year. She replaced the roman numerals with a large moth design that takes up her entire upper back.
  4. Megan FoxThe brunette actress recently removed her Marilyn Monroe tattoo because she no longer wanted to ‘attract negative energy into her life’. According to sources, she was extremely pleased with the results of the removal and will remove two more very soon.
  5. 50 Cent50cent-min50 Cent’s whole body was covered with tattoos during the peak of his career. However, he had them removed after he began acting because it took so long for the makeup artists to cover them up before going on screen.
  6. Keith Urbankeithurban_shutterstock_87580429When Keith urban and ex-girlfriend, Niki Taylor we’re together, they boasted matching tattoos that said ‘love conquers all’ in Latin. Apparently their love didn’t conquer all because they broke up shortly after. Keith covered the tattoo with flames out of respect for Nicole Kidman after they started dating.
  7. Johnny Deepjohnnydepp_www-news-com-auPotentially one of the most infamous cover-ups, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor humorously transformed his “Winona Forever” tattoo into “Wino Forever” after their 1993 breakup.
  8. Eva Longoriaeva-longoria_shutterstock_105074552When Eva divorced ex-husband, Tony Parker, she had three tattoos in his honour: his jersey number on her neck, his initials in an ‘intimate’ location and their wedding date on her wrist. She’s since been spotted in tattoo removal clinics, and it’s reported that her skin is looking better than new.

If celebrities can right their wrongs, why can’t you? Call Dr Ink on 1800 377 465 to book your free consultation with our medical professionals and get started today.

eyebrow tattoo removal

Eyebrow and Facial Tattoo Removal – a Specialized Area that Needs Expert Hands

Eyebrow tattoo removal is a specialized area and our team of facial plastic surgeons, cosmetic doctors and registered nurses can safely remove tattooed eyebrows or lighten tattooed eyebrows for revision procedures.

Laser around eye regions carries high risk if performed in untrained and unregistered hands.  Most permanent eyebrow tattoos requires skill in removal and a high degree of safety knowledge.

Tattooed eyebrows are often darker and have potent mixed inks. Given tattoo’s proximity to the eyes and surrounding face attention to the safety of the procedure is paramount.

At Taylor Clinic we only use PicoSure laser technology for tattoo removal, which can safely remove facial tattoos and eye brow tattoos effectively and efficiently.

Our laser can remove yellow and red pigment tattoos as well which cannot be safely removed by traditional Q switched Ng Yag lasers without the risk of scarring.

Our facial plastic surgeon also can manage tattoo pigment complications and can be consulted regarding the option of surgical removal of tattoos.

Permanent lip liner and eye liner removal can be discussed with our medical professionals.

Our Doctors offer medical grade anaesthetic creams, anaesthetic injections as well as anaesthetic gas for those who are anxious about the process.

Contact us today on 1800 377 465  for a complimentary tattoo removal consultation.

yellow ink

The 5 essential questions you need to ask before you tattoo lighten or remove in 2016.

Considering tattoo removal, lightning or a modification?

The most common question people ask is, how much? However, here is a quick guide for the most important questions you should ask your removalist.

  • What laser system do you use?
  • Is it Q Switched Ng:Yag? or Is it Picosecond technology?

If you have a multicolored tattoo with yellow, oranges and reds, then ask:

  • Is it Q switched or it is Pico?
  • If you use pico have you purchased the additional new wavelength 532nm which can remove yellow?

And never forget the most important question relating to our Safety First principle.

Dr Ink

SAFETY FIRST. Dr Ink tattoo removal and modifications is Australia’s leading experts in Ink lightening, modification and removal.

  • Who is the medical supervisor if something goes wrong?


About us:

Dr Ink tattoo removal and modifications is Australia’s leading experts in Ink lightening, modification and removal.

Find out more about us here. Or call 1800 DRS INK or our contact us here. Located in Bella Vista.

yellow ink clearance

Anyone wanting to update, lighten or remove a tattoo ought to know these facts


Tattoo removal  and lightening procedures continue to improve, with the introduction of both newer technologies and innovative treatment methods. So forget heresay or, stay ahead of the curve and find out the real facts grounded in real evidence before you consider removal or lightening procedures to prepare for your next tatt.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.39.06 am

Brauer JA, Reddy KK, Anolik R, Weiss ET, Karen JK, Hale EK, Brightman LA, Bernstein L, Geronemus RG. Successful and rapid treatment of blue and green tattoo pigment with a novel picosecond laser. Arch Dermatol 2012;148(7):820–823.


Picosecond technology trumps older laser technologies when it comes to blue and green pigment removal. The studies are endless and the evidence is clear. For example, in just one treatment session, the 755-nm picosecond laser (Picosure technology) , with its shorter pulse duration, has been shown to achieve greater than 75% clearance of blue and green tattoo pigment.

Nothing more needs to be said here.

PicoSecond technology is a game changer in the industry for lightenting and removing tattoos.


yellow ink

Quick Fact – Yellow dyes are typically made of cadmium sulfide, ochre, Pigment Yellow 74, chrome yellow, or curcuma yellow.

But what about other colours? Tattoos in the past might of been green and blue, but multi-coloured tattoos is the #newnormal.

Patients today need removal or lightening of other colours in the rainbow and the spectrum of wavelength for laser removal needs to adjust.

The evidence is emerging that Yellow Pigment can now be effectively cleared.

Obviously, Tattoo color is one of the main predictors of clearance.

With the introduction of the picosecond technology, blue and green pigments can now be effectively cleared with few treatments but previously there was no established and definitive treatment for yellow pigments, as the dye is not well absorbed by the current available wavelengths.

Previously when treated with the Q- switched frequency doubled Nd:YAG laser with a nanosecond pulse duration clearance remains difficult and inconsistent.

dr ink tattoo removal

This patient was frustrated with 11 treatments with a previous Q switch laser , NOTE, no yellow or red clearance, moderate blue clearance only.

A study by Ferguson on treating multicolored tattoos with older technology, Nd:YAG Q-switched device which uses older nanosecond pulse width, demonstrated an improvement in only 2 out 8 tattoos that contained yellow pigment, emphasizing the difficulty in clearing yellow ink. And of those two that showed some removal, 6 and 9 treatments were required to obtain pigment reduction, and no clearance percentages were documented.

FergusonJE, AugustPJ. Evaluation of the Nd/YAG laserfor the treatment of amateur and professional tattoos. Br J Dermatol 1996;135(4):586–591.



dr ink

What does the evidence now reveal?

There is now demonstration of favorable out- comes with effective and consistent reduction of yellow tattoo pigment using an extra frequency doubled picosecond laser. So by using an additional broadening wavelength of 532nm, this allows more colours in the rainbow to be removed.

Treatments with this picosecond technology at 532-nm appears to be safe and well tolerated and effective. This now extends the benefits of picosecond technology. Not only is it superior at removal of blue and green ink, can remove yellow but it now can remove yellow ink color.




  • What laser system do you use?
  • Is it Q Switched Ng:Yag? or Is it Picosecond technology?

If you have a multicolored tattoo with yellow, oranges and reds, then ask:

  • Is it Q switched or it is Pico?
  • If you use pico have you purchased the additional new wavelength 532nm which can remove yellow?

And never forget the most important question relating to our Safety First principle.

  • Who is the medical supervisor if something goes wrong?
  • Dr Ink


Dr Ink tattoo removal and modifications is Australia’s leading experts in Ink lightening, modification and removal.

Find out more about us here. Or call 1800 DRS INK. Located in Double Bay, Bella Vista and Wollongong. Gold Coast coming soon.

dr ink tattoo removal

So who is Dr Ink? Who are Dr Ink?

Dr Ink is a medical team.

We are passionate about skin and inked skin. We are a group of medical professionals who work in the cosmetic and surgical industry. Our team comprises of a group of plastic surgeons, cosmetic doctors, registered nurses and aestheticians.

dr pincock and dr suzie

Dr Ink and Dr Pink.

The Dr Ink team, additionally are health professionals who also work in a high end plastics and cosmetic clinic. The Dr Ink team are a separate business arm that focuses on ink related skin issues such as tattoo skin complications, tattoo lightening or removal and surgical removal of tattoos.

We offer both Q switched Ng:Yag laser tattoo removal or PicoSure laser tattoo removal technology. We can discuss with you these options and the differences in price, safety profile, colour spectrum removal, and number  of visit required for removal or lightening purposes.

We additionally offer:

  • specialised and expert advice on facial tattoo removals
  • safe removal on darker skin types
  • advice on how to protect your skin from the sun and our  affiliated doctors can perform bulk billed routine skin checks.

We also promote the public health message “Inked skin needs closer attention” promoting specialised skin checks from doctors who appreciate the difficulty of examining inked skin and the health alert of how melanomas can be missed in heavily inked skin.


Inked skin needs closer attention. Melanomas can be missed in tattoos.

Our team are highly qualified medical professionals who have coined the  Responsible Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery Policy. This document outlines and  supports how above all, that PATIENT SAFETY COMES FIRST.

Dr Ink’s registered nurses and aestheticians work under direct supervision of medical doctors and surgeons. The Dr Ink Clinical directors are Dr Tobias Pincock, FRACS and Dr Suzan Bekir, MBBS FRACGP.

Our team can help with tattoos, but yes, they have many other talents…including cosmetic medicine. Dr Ink patients have additional exclusive access to elite services such as our Cosmetic Nurse Injectors  who administer anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler and our Coolsculpting experts who perform CoolSculpting body sculpting treatments. All these services are performed in a medically supervised environment under quality supervision.

Our team provides complimentary consultations if you wish to have a quote and discuss the process.

If Dr Ink patients require a medical or surgical opinion, they have access to onsite plastic surgeon or medical doctors for consultation.  Therefore, Dr Ink patients have access to  plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors, who are passionate about Dr Ink and all things Ink.


drinkpicture of care

Dr Ink is a proud sponsor for Ben Walsh Racing.

Because our Dr Ink’s doctors love and respect inked skin.

Our Doctors are the Doctors who love the stories that tattoo’s tell or have told. And we  feel they are the Doctors best qualified to assist you, non judgementally,  whatever your skin journey.

Dr Ink Doctors are your medical support team, sitting on the sidelines, cheering like  your other team members.

And yes, you might have guessed, Dr Ink does LOVE living life in the fast lane watching our very own Dr Ink racing car! GO Ben Walsh Racing! So support the Dr Ink team.


Dr Ink is located in Bella Vista.

For an appointment please call 1800 DRS INK or contact us here.


How Dr Ink can help you modify your tattoos and achieve a change without a full removal

Feel like a change? Modifications are always possible.

Fading an unwanted tattoo to facilitate a new cover-up design has become increasingly popular simply because it works. Fading an existing tattoo increases the choice of cover-up options significantly. For example, light colors and fine lines will not effectively cover up an existing dark outline and this severely limits one’s artwork choices.




However, most dark outlines and deeply colored tattoos can be faded in a couple of treatments with PicoSure™.  Once the majority of the undesirable ink has been removed, the artist can then apply a new tattoo using lighter strokes and delicate colours which are associated with today’s modern styles.  Dr Ink specializes in fading out tattoos successfully which allows for the placement of beautiful cover-up artwork.