How Dr Ink can help you modify your tattoos and achieve a change without a full removal

Feel like a change? Modifications are always possible.

Fading an unwanted tattoo to facilitate a new cover-up design has become increasingly popular simply because it works. Fading an existing tattoo increases the choice of cover-up options significantly. For example, light colors and fine lines will not effectively cover up an existing dark outline and this severely limits one’s artwork choices.




However, most dark outlines and deeply colored tattoos can be faded in a couple of treatments with PicoSure™.  Once the majority of the undesirable ink has been removed, the artist can then apply a new tattoo using lighter strokes and delicate colours which are associated with today’s modern styles.  Dr Ink specializes in fading out tattoos successfully which allows for the placement of beautiful cover-up artwork.

Jetsons - robot

Could your next tatt be applied by a robot?

Remember when you were younger and you were fascinated that the Jetsons had robots for everything? Even though our cars aren’t quite flying around, robotics are indeed everywhere, in our operating theatres, kitchens, vacuuming, replacing humans in the manufacturing industry. But did you ever think that there would be a robot designed for placing ink similar to a printer and that tattoo artistry could be threatened by such an innovation? Well now there is.

A company called Appropriate Audiences has developed a robotic tattoo machine that may replace tattoo artists in time.

 At Dr Ink, we see tattoos that need removal from less-than-talented “artists”.  However, with robotics, the design is applied just like printing a photo so what you tell the robot to do it does without variation.  In theory this would reduce the chance of patients getting a design that they never intended on.

Although the current robot uses an actual needle, future tattooing robots might even utilize lasers.  Laser precision. The result would be exactly what the customer ordered.  Maybe these tattoo robots will be in every suburban Westfields?

Hundreds of years ago, book manuscripts were handwritten by talented caligraphers who were all subsequently replaced by the invention of offset printing presses.  Not so long ago, professional artists working for advertisers got replaced by graphic artists using Adobe and Photoshop.  Here we go again, this time with tattooing.

However, in the meantime, if you have a tattoo that was applied by a not-so-talented human and you would like it removed with the PicoSure laser, Dr Ink is always available.



Want to know the 5 step skin conditioning Dr Ink endorses? Try eCosmetics skin range

Our evidence based skin care range at Dr Ink is now available. To achieve your best skin, we believe you need a scientific, evidence-based skin care range to protect your skin and repair visible signs of ageing. We have found that the only way to bring you a skin care range that fulfilled our principles of TRUTH, SCIENCE, BEAUTY at a price that represents good value, is to do it ourselves. So we did that.




Our 5 step formulations take you from cleansing, to day time protection from the UV radiation to and evening formulation designed for wrinkle reduction.

eCosmetics products are based on active ingredients with the strongest scientific evidence in the perfect concentrations, in the correct formulations and in the appropriate mediums. ECosmetic products are designed for everyone. They are easy to use, look, feel and smell beautiful, are reasonable priced and most importantly are evidence based to slow and reverse the signs of aging skin.

Hate nasties? We do to! So we have made sure eCosmetics contain no potentially harmful chemicals, preservatives or perfumes. And they are Australian made.

Bottom line; eCosmetics is your best bet scientifically formulated, endorsed by Sydney facial plastic surgeon, Dr Tobias Pincock and cosmetic doctor, Dr Suzan Bekir. Its easy comprehensive skin care designed for Australians who want the best for their skin.



In 2016 I believe its hard to make informed decisions about a cosmetic procedure because you often wonder is it just a Fad, snake-oil, or another procedure that your cosmetic doctor hasn’t  even heard about but is always on Infomercials. How do you know if its the real deal.

You just want a cosmetic procedure that is 100% effective and scientifically proven to work. Well here is my  2016 hottest 3 cosmetic procedures you should investigate as they are here to stay.  I call it #newnormal,  the real deal procedures that truly reflect the explosion of scientific advancement and  actually make us look better than before.

2. COOLSCULPTING . How fat freezing can give you the confidence silhouette.

Please understand, I am the girl who never ever knew people were getting  body sculpting procedures. Nor would I personally, have ever prioritised this sort of thing. In fact I do spend a lot of my time counselling people to  focus on their inner selves and worry less about their external image. As health professionals, we are well equipped to ensure that we screen patients when performing these procedures to ensure there is no obvious body image disturbance and we are advocates for healthy living. But like everything in life , cosmetics is about moderation.

Moreover, who says a little self improvement isn’t good for you.

This procedure is the ultimate body sculpt. Its for those who are exercising and healthy and just want to tidy up those areas that you thought your were doomed with forever.

Yes, the tuck shop arms your kids pinch, that ridiculous back bulge on your bras line that overly protrudes when you know your not fat.  Of course, the standard scorned pot-belly you inherited after delivering 2 kids, the resistant love handles despite extra twisting crunches at the gym, the unshapely inner thigh that seems so disproportionate to the rest of your body, the double chin fat that makes you self conscious of the selfie angle, or that bulge of knee fat that makes you think twice about wearing a skirt. Oh I especially like the liposuction revisions,  if you have been there then you know about the pudgy bit of fat above your pubic area that stayed behind to haunt you because your liposuction couldn’t go down that far (how ironic).

Whatever your deep dark reason, every one has got a little pocket of stubborn fat they would love to get rid of. You know, say goodbye to the body of 2015, hello 2016  and “Thank god for science and anti-ageing advancement” Amen.


CoolSculpting or Cryolipolysis is  essentially the fat freezing technology that has arisen out of Harvard research inspired by noting that kids sucking popsicles had dimpling in the cheeks from inadvertent fat freezing. Good work kids!

Each  cycle  will give you a 25% permanent reduction of fat.  In 1 hour.  For under $1000 you can lose a double chin. For $6000 you could get every single body part like your  chin, arms, tummy, waistline, and inner thighs sculpted away and have a full body transformation. It’s a no brainer. This procedure is hot.


2. PICOFOCUS  FRACTIONATED FACE. Get the lunch time laser everyone is talking about.

Any industry insider knows PicoSure technology is essentially the Iphone equivalent in laser technology,  with everything before it looking like an old  Nokia.

Its just a total increase in power and effect; going from nanosecond technology to picosecond speed wavelengths comes with a game changer in results.

And although  this spectacular increase in technology has been paraded everywhere in the tattoo removal industry, what people haven’t realised is that this exact industry leading technology and advancement is lying dormant in front of every woman and man out there who wants to get the best rejuvenating facial experience with the capacity to knock age off your looks. Wake up everyone and get some pico focus on your skin.

PicoSure technology is undoubtedly the Best tattoo removal system in the world, and all you do is just add on a different handpiece called PicoFocus and guess what, the same technology that shatters  tattoo pigment in the dermis, annihilates those god damn sun spots that creep up on you in your 30’s then stains you for the rest of your life.

Live life without foundation, ladies. Skin is in. So my tip is to invest in getting your complexion fixed so you can walk out the door confident without ANY make up on. Yes, that’s right, naturally, the way we should be able to every now and then. This laser is amazing. I have tried it myself and happily vouch my post-inflammtory pigmentation fade and my skin improving. You can watch me here…

PicoFocus gets rid of pigmentation, has an excellent crack at melasma, incredibly improves acne scars and assists with fine lines and wrinkles. Yes that’s right, this is the technological step up from Fraxel without the tiger stripes and down time. Its 1 hour down time, give or take a few hours if you have orange hair and freckles.  Nothing the shops at Double Bay haven’t  seen before.  I have watched people walk out of the clinic, linger at the door paying and enjoy laughing that they are hardly red at all.  I think PICO is just brilliant and I predict when people see the results from investing in 3 treatments, everyone will be feeling the same as me.

3. ULTHERAPY. Defy Gravity and get the ultimate facelift alternative.

Sometimes there is a cool technology that  just sits quietly in the shadows waiting for  loud competitors  to fade off.

Ultherapy doesn’t have the most aggressive  marketing. Maybe you’ve  seen it around but no one really spend time explaining. Well it probably deserves a touch more credit than given. Ultherapy uses Ultrasonic technology to stimulate collagen and tighten and lift skin. There is essentially no downtime and is a stroke of genius in giving you the non surgical eye lift, neck lift and  décolletage lift to the  over sun exposed crepy décolletage that has arisen from years of bikinis.

I wonder if cosmetic staff don’t push it because the treatment is time intensive  for the technician. Or maybe patients don’t really entertain the option because it takes 120 days after the procedure to see result. I suppose its understandable,   filler and botox can give you virtually instantaneous results,  who wants to wait  months for your body to completely naturally create its own collagen and given you a natural lift.

But slow and steady really wins the race on this one. The results of the eye lift are like,  ‘wow this really really  almost as good as a surgical bleoharoplasty’ and for so much cheaper and an hour of your time. You just have to be patient and in the age of instant gratification this is one of the procedures that will just organically take off as people become educated that sometimes the most natural results take a little bit of time.

There is actually another prediction which is related to S-E-X with the new vaginal rejuvenation laser. However, you have to subscribe to find out more as its we must remain age appropriate. However, OMG, ladies, if Viagra was a perfomance enhancer for men, then perhaps the female equivalent has hit the ground running. You might want to read more.

So there you have it. Want a Sneak preview of whats in our next special digital news delivered to your inbox. Its starts with the 20’s but every age gets a special edition.


Stay well.

Love, Kindness, Happiness forever.

Dr Suzie


5 tips to help lower your tattoo removal cost

GOT A BIG TAT AND NEED TO LOWER THE COST? Here are 5 quick tips to get that tatt off a whole lot cheaper.

  1. Use the right technology that needs fewer treatment

Tattoo removal takes several treatments.
Older laser technology such as Q Switched NG:Yag, may sound cheaper per session, however is it really cheaper overall?
Many clients of Dr Ink have tried Q Switched Ng:Yag laser tattoo removal without success.
Removal simply hasn’t happened.
PicoSure is the latest technology provides actual tattoo removal in half the number of treatments, saving you time and money in the long run.


  1. Start before Summer.

Tattoo removal takes several treatments.
Sun exposure is a huge No-No after a tattoo removal treatment as it can cause complications. So dont slow down the treatments.Tattoo removal becomes very busy in summer when people undress more and want their unwanted tattoos urgently removed. Consider starting before summer as appointment times are more convenient and you may find better deals. Cover up between treatments and show off the new you in Summer.


  1. Negotiate

Offer to pay upfront. Discounts maybe offered. perhaps discuss options for credit such as  MAC CREDIT. You may be able to get a quick medical loan. Offer to become a brand ambassador for the clinic by sharing on your social media.


  1. Consider a modification. Lighten the tatt and combine with a cover up.

There are more options than just a complete removal.

Good tattoo removal companies can work together to get you’re the final result you want.
Fade outs and cover ups are very possible. Discuss with one of our Ink partners or your local artist and we can fade the tatt enough for a successful modification.

  1. fade it faster.    

Discuss with your doctor possible medical topical treatments which can be used between laser sessions to encourage clearance quicker.  Although there isn’t enough evidence with imiquimod to advise to use it, the evidence is changing all the time so keep asking if there is something new that could help to encourage immune system clearance.
If you want advice about your tattoo removal, speak to one of our experts. 1800 DRS INK in Bella Vista.



Can you pick a melanoma? Inked skin needs closer attention.


Can you pick the melanoma in the above TATTOO?


Patients will generally ask “What should I be looking for?”. Here is Dr INK’s quick tour of melanoma diagnosis and finding the clues to an abnormal looking mole.

The first sign of a melanoma is usually the appearance of a new spot, or a change in an existing freckle or mole. The change may be in size, shape or colour and is normally noticed over several weeks or months.

Melanoma can be deadly so its important that Australia’s remain vigilant and learn to recognize signs of abnormal moles so we can diagnose and cut them out before they spread.

 The ABCDE guidelines provide a very useful way to monitor your skin and detect the early signs of melanoma. So here is what to look for?

 Asymmetrical skin lesion. Both sides of the lesion are not the same.

 Border of the lesion is irregular. You can detect a scalloped or poorly circumscribed border.

 Colour: Melanomas usually have multiple colours. You may see shades of tan and brown, black, red, white or blue.

Diameter: Moles greater than 6mm are more likely to be melanomas than smaller moles.

Enlarging: Enlarging or evolving. You notice the mole increasing in size.

Unfortunately not all melanomas follow these rules and some are very difficult to pick. In particular, a type of melanoma called nodular melanoma is a fast-growing, aggressive form of melanoma, which has poorer treatment outcomes and survival. These melanomas often begin as a red nodule. While their appearance can be mistaken for a pimple, they are much firmer to touch.

 The Addition of the EFG helps identify these lesions.


Elevated: the lesion is raised above the surrounding skin.

Firm: the nodule is solid to the touch.

Growing: the nodule is increasing in size.

 How Doctors use Dermatoscopy to see more.

A skin Doctor should carry a dermatoscope just like they carry a stethoscope. It’s an essential tool for skin medicine.


The use of a dermatoscope in clinical practice has been shown to increase diagnostic accuracy and is considered the standard of care in assessing patients with pigmented skin lesions.  Skin Doctors have the ability to magnify moles 100x and  clinical training in dermatscopy gives them the ability to look for clues and patterns in the moles that improve their ability to diagnose.

When in Doubt, cut it out.

Unfortunately, the surgeons do have it right on this one. Doctors often aren’t sure themselves in many cases and in any cases of uncertainty a biopsy should be performed. Skin Biopsy for pigmented lesions should involve cutting it out and sending it to pathology for a diagnosis.

Get started today – skin check tips and how to be systematic in self examination.

•   Stand in front of a full length mirror in a well lit room. Good lighting is important.

•   Be systematic and start at the top and work your way down your body.

•   Move to your face and neck, not forgetting your ears, nostrils and lips.

•   Be sure to check both the top and underneath of your arms. Don’t forget your fingernails.

•   As you move down your body don’t forget to check places where the sun doesn’t shine! Melanoma can be found in places that do not have exposed skin. Such as under your feet!

•   Ask a partner or family member to help especially with checking your scalp and back.

 Is there an APP for this?

As awareness of melanoma has increased and consumers have taken a more active role in their own health care, the technological world has responded with multitude of  smartphones APPS which can even turn into diagnostic medical instruments with software designed to “autodiagnose” skin cancers.

 More simple apps, allow you to monitor changes on your skin , even can remind you to take photographs every few months and compare them to identify any changes and have the ability to share them with dermatologists for diagnosis. This process is called teledermascopy and could enable specialists to assist in diagnosis of skin cancers for those who are rural and remote.

 As we navigate the waters of technology and medicine, a very important warning should be made about APPS. Yes they often cost money but experts have also raised questions about their accuracy. There is a chance they can be falsely reassuring and could lead to delayed diagnosis.

 In the meantime, the best we can do is regularly check our skin using the ABCDE and additional EFG rules, and show any suspicious mole to a GP or a dermatologist.


If your uncertain about your moles and would like a BULK BILL SKIN CHECK by our Doctors, make an appointment at E4 SKIN on 1300 e4 HEALTH or speak with the medical team at Dr INK.