We advise you to do your research.

– Which technology is this laser?

– is the provider trained in lasers and laser safety?

– is their medical supervision?

– if something goes wrong, will they be able to help?

We have a database of professional tattoo artists on hand

Dr. Ink has a community of highly-experienced professional tattoo artists on hand to provide successful touch ups for existing tattoos.

We can provide treatment for clients who have delicate areas of skin on the body such as scarring from previously attempted tattoo removal. We provide other forms of treatment for these areas that are either surgical or non-surgical. The medical and surgical team at Dr. Ink have access to the highest level of technology and body plastic surgery specialist community in the country.

What we do

We provide our patients with a free consultation where we provide a comprehensive plan for the removal of their tattoo. In this consultation, we determine your skin type, a brief medical history, and then take a look at the tattoo in question. We will then tell you what needs to be done, how many treatments it will take, and the predicted price of the treatment.

You have the option to begin treatment immediately. The treatment is time-efficient, usually only taking around 15 to 20 minutes for a small tattoo.

When your treatment is complete, we add a simple protective dressing to the skin and inform you on how you can best care for it. After care is vital for the continued success of the procedure and we will help you with any issues you may have regarding post-treatment care. We can provide a review at any time you need it.

We are happy to help with any questions about your treated tattoo, and will review the area upon request. However, it is rare that any complications should arise. Further treatments are provided usually over 6-8 weeks.

Call Dr. Ink on 1800 DRS INK (1800 377 465) or send us a message via our contact page and we will book in a consultation time for you.

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