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So who is Dr Ink? Who are Dr Ink?

Dr Ink is a medical team.

We are passionate about skin and inked skin. We are a group of medical professionals who work in the cosmetic and surgical industry. Our team comprises of a group of plastic surgeons, cosmetic doctors, registered nurses and aestheticians.

dr pincock and dr suzie

Dr Ink and Dr Pink.

The Dr Ink team, additionally are health professionals who also work in a high end plastics and cosmetic clinic. The Dr Ink team are a separate business arm that focuses on ink related skin issues such as tattoo skin complications, tattoo lightening or removal and surgical removal of tattoos.

We offer both Q switched Ng:Yag laser tattoo removal or PicoSure laser tattoo removal technology. We can discuss with you these options and the differences in price, safety profile, colour spectrum removal, and number  of visit required for removal or lightening purposes.

We additionally offer:

  • specialised and expert advice on facial tattoo removals
  • safe removal on darker skin types
  • advice on how to protect your skin from the sun and our  affiliated doctors can perform bulk billed routine skin checks.

We also promote the public health message “Inked skin needs closer attention” promoting specialised skin checks from doctors who appreciate the difficulty of examining inked skin and the health alert of how melanomas can be missed in heavily inked skin.


Inked skin needs closer attention. Melanomas can be missed in tattoos.

Our team are highly qualified medical professionals who have coined the  Responsible Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery Policy. This document outlines and  supports how above all, that PATIENT SAFETY COMES FIRST.

Dr Ink’s registered nurses and aestheticians work under direct supervision of medical doctors and surgeons. The Dr Ink Clinical directors are Dr Tobias Pincock, FRACS and Dr Suzan Bekir, MBBS FRACGP.

Our team can help with tattoos, but yes, they have many other talents…including cosmetic medicine. Dr Ink patients have additional exclusive access to elite services such as our Cosmetic Nurse Injectors  who administer anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler and our Coolsculpting experts who perform CoolSculpting body sculpting treatments. All these services are performed in a medically supervised environment under quality supervision.

Our team provides complimentary consultations if you wish to have a quote and discuss the process.

If Dr Ink patients require a medical or surgical opinion, they have access to onsite plastic surgeon or medical doctors for consultation.  Therefore, Dr Ink patients have access to  plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors, who are passionate about Dr Ink and all things Ink.


drinkpicture of care

Dr Ink is a proud sponsor for Ben Walsh Racing.

Because our Dr Ink’s doctors love and respect inked skin.

Our Doctors are the Doctors who love the stories that tattoo’s tell or have told. And we  feel they are the Doctors best qualified to assist you, non judgementally,  whatever your skin journey.

Dr Ink Doctors are your medical support team, sitting on the sidelines, cheering like  your other team members.

And yes, you might have guessed, Dr Ink does LOVE living life in the fast lane watching our very own Dr Ink racing car! GO Ben Walsh Racing! So support the Dr Ink team.


Dr Ink is located in Bella Vista.

For an appointment please call 1800 DRS INK or contact us here.


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